Rise and Recline Royal Chair

Practicality and versatility combined with modern styling are the key features which make the Royal one of the most popular chairs on the market. Large supportive wings ensure the cushions are held in position while the three bolster cushions, each removal with its own zipped back, enable the users to create their own personalised configuration.
Lots of variations available
Colour charts in store
Normal delivery 10-14 working days however certain colours are available within 5 working days.
Standard Motor 20 stone limit
Heavy Duty Motor 25 stone limit
Price includes wooden knuckles - Take £120 off price if no wooden knuckles
Seat height 17" -21"
Seat Width 18" - 22"
Seat Depth 17" - 21"
No charge for adjustments
Contact info@scotmobility.co.uk or visit either of our shops for demo.