Pulse Rollator

Pulse Rollator

  • Elliptical, lightweight aluminum mobility aid designed for those with limited mobility, such as the elderly and disabled
  • Handle height is quick and easy to adjust by lifting the height lock latch and then closing to lock into position
  • The quick release front wheels are constructed of puncture-proof PVC and can be pushed into the frame and detached by using a simple wheel release button
  • Designed to fold into a standing position at a working height or into a compact size for easier storage and transportation
  • Includes a padded seat allowing for comfortable and adequate breaks, as well as a small attachable shoulder bag, which makes shopping trips a breeze


Overall Height 82 - 95 cm (32¼ - 37½ in.)

Overall Width 62 cm (24½ in.)

Overall Depth 78 cm (30¾ in.)

Seat Height 56 cm (22 in.)

Seat Width 43 cm (17 in.)

Seat Depth 22 cm (8¾ in.)

Width between Arms 46 cm (18 in.)

Diameter of Wheels 20 cm (8 in.)

Weight 7.9 kg (17.5 lbs)

Bag Load Limit 5 kg (11 lbs)